Pavillion Artists

The group, who meet each month at the old Lynchmere Pavillion, are concerned with challenging the audience to review their ideas of the current art market and trend towards deliberately provocative art.  Their work is attempting to take the modernist theory of aesthetics to a contemporary standpoint without sentimentality.

The four artists consist of Anne Bowen, Claire Harrison, Jan Hite and Peter Searight and are all based on the Sussex/Surrey borders.

Anne works predominately in oil on canvas and pen and ink and wash. She has travelled extensively living and painting in the Middle East, the USA and Europe, painting all subjects although specializing in equine studies. She has exhibited in Kuwait, Houston, Brussels, Santander in Northern Spain and regularly at venues in London. She has won prizes in the USA and London, and is an associate of The Society of Equestrian Artists.

Claire is a mixed media artist who is concerned with geometric and formal patterns that are the building blocks of nature that are not readily visible and creates brightly coloured illuminated images of partially fractured flora and fauna.  Claire has exhibited successfully across the UK since graduating from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College in 2001 and frequently consults and works within the industry and community.

Jan is a ceramicist, creating figurative clay sculptures, large handbuilt ceramic vessels, garden sculptures and sometimes cast works in metal resins.  The plastic properties of clay allow experimentation with geometric forms and shapes.  Jan prefers using simple glazes, which allow the method of construction to be apparent she also produces a range of ‘pitfired’ and smoked pieces where the random colouration complements the crisp geometric forms.

Peter is a photographer originally best known for his atmospheric Sussex landscapes but his portfolio now includes images from all around the world. Peter’s photographs have been exhibited in London and across England and he has won six prizes for his work in the last four years